O.C. Management

Owners Corporation Management Services:

  • Maintenance of Books of Accounts including:
    • Annual Income and Expenditure Statement
    • Annual Profit and Loss Statement
    • Balance Sheet
    • Annual Budget
  • Maintenance of the Owners Corporation Minute Book.
  • Record and maintain Owners Corporation Members Register.
  • Billing and collection of Owners Corporation fees and levies, including issuing of notices for fees & levies.
  • Invoices to debtors, where applicable and collection of payment.
  • Payment of creditors from Owners Corporation funds.
  • Ensure service and maintenance agreements for fire service, sprinkler service, alarm-monitoring services etc., where applicable, are current.
  • Attendance to Essential Services requirements & maintenance contracts.
  • Arrange routine general repairs and maintenance of common property.
  • Arrange building and public liability insurances, to include quotes for renewal & insurance valuations, (Prescribed Owners Corporation) if requested.
  • Convene and conduct Annual General Meeting to include:
    • Preparation of financial budget
    • Provision of financial statements & reports
    • Issuing notices and forms of proxy
    • Meeting Agenda
    • Distribution of Minutes of Annual General Meeting to members.
    • Provide general advice pertaining to the Subdivision Act & Owners Corporation Regulations
    • Implement grievance procedure.
    • Annual site visit / general common area inspection

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