About Regal O.C.

Outstanding Service. Expert Advice.

Our charter is to provide you professional and quality Owners Corporation Management and Property Services, with the expertise and support you need to protect your assets and maximise your returns.

Regal Owners Corporation…

  • Are a professional Owners Corporation Manager
  • Are an accredited member of Strata Community Australia – Victoria, the peak professional industry body in Australia for Owners Corporation Managers.
  • Have strong relationships with our clients and our reputation for professionalism, efficiency and integrity is well deserved.
  • Are committed to personalised service and assisting you with the financial, administrative & maintenance functions involved in multi unit ownership that ensures that the value of your property is enhanced and maintained.
  • Understand the complex legal and legislative requirements, with the necessary technical resources and people skills to support you.
  • Place your funds in an individual account dedicated for your property, with full transparency of all disbursements and financial statements to all owners, and subject to audit as required.
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Our Services to Developers assist in ensuring that the myriad of legal and practical issues that are likely to cause problems in the short, medium and long term with potential lot owners from pre-settlement, settlement and post settlement dealings are identified early, dealt with promptly and professionally, and that the interests of all parties are protected.

We help you ensure that the value of your property is enhanced and maintained.